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We’re all familiar with the problem: There’s too much information. A single attorney with their current clients, active prospects, past clients to maintain, and future prospects to cultivate, can easily amass over 200,000 articles per month for analysis (based on an average of 200 articles/company/month). With numbers that large (and we haven’t yet multiplied that by a firm’s headcount) it’s no wonder that CI teams find themselves constantly triaging the data. Past clients and future prospects are often the first to be sacrificed in favor of more pressing current clients and active prospects.

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But it doesn’t have to be that way. Insights allows you to flip the model. Instead of needing to read everything to understand the big picture, Insights allows you to start from the big picture and let the analytics tell you where to focus and where to dive deep to the article or event level.

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Insights collects, classifies, and analyzes every article so you don’t have to. For instance, below is a data visualization of 28,012 articles for Wells Fargo over a 90-day period. Insights analyzed and organized the data across 25 vital corporate Health Factors. As you can see, Insights analytics contextualizes each dip and spike in Wells Fargo‚Äôs Health Score timeline. What aspect of the company did this event impact? Was it positive or negative? How long did it persist in the news cycle? Did the event impact or infect other aspects of the company?

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Because of Insights’ data efficiency, there’s no need to sacrifice past clients and future prospects. Track all of them. If there’s a major Health Score change, Insights will alert you. And just as important, if nothing significant is happening to a client or prospect, Insights will tell you that too.

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