Sqoop and Manzama Partner to Strengthen Public Records Discovery 3 years ago

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Sqoop and Manzama today announced a partnership where Sqoop’s public records will be integrated into Manzama’s market intelligence platform used by professional service organizations. This integration will allow organizations to discover Securities and Exchange Commission filings, United State Patent and Trademark Office applications and grants, federal court dockets, and releases from the Department of Justice and its U.S. Attorney’s Offices directly within Manzama’s dashboards, alerts and API’s.

“We are very pleased to be forming this partnership with Sqoop,” said Mark Hinkle, co-founder of Manzama. “Early on we realized the benefit and value of what Sqoop provides which is an easier and consolidated way to find public records information as well as announcements directly from the companies themselves.”

“Law firms and other professional service organizations rely on the value of information for practice management, competitive intelligence, business development and other purposes,” said Bill Hankes, founder and CEO of Sqoop, and former law firm marketing executive. “We are excited to partner with Manzama because they have a keen understanding of the professional services market and are already the trusted source of critical information for these organizations.”

About Manzama
Since 2010, Manzama has been the leading provider of current awareness and market intelligence solutions to professional service organizations around the globe. With intuitive search and sharing tools, user-friendly implementation, and integrations into numerous best-in-class third-party platforms, the Manzama Base and Manzama Insights platforms automate the process of finding and sharing critical business insights. Using sophisticated search algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, Manzama delivers critical insights that help teams better serve their clients, make informed business decisions, and support knowledge and business development initiatives. Visit: www.manzama.com

About Sqoop
Sqoop helps journalists, lawyers, investors and others quickly access and derive value from difficult-to-access or time-consuming public records sites, so far including the SEC, the US Patent Office, federal courts and the Department of Justice. It aggregates information from these sites, providing a single, unified search experience and rapid alerting platform, which saves time and helps uncover information that wouldn’t otherwise be discovered easily. After just three years on the market, Sqoop is the industry standard in newsrooms across the country, and now is expanding into other markets which place a high value on information. https://sqoop.com

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