Use Case – Source Management

Manage subscriptions and public sources for everyone across your organization.
manzama screenshot of source navigation

Gain total control over your sources.

If you enjoy having total control over the administration of both your paid subscriptions and your publicly available sources for your organization, then you’ll love the flexibility that Manzama offers. Admins can add, assign, promote, and exclude sources on an organization-wide level, group or office level, and also on an individual level. To make administration of your sources easy, we’ve divided source classification into four categories:

Manzama Sources: Approximately 80,000 sources that are included in the Manzama platform and can be accessed by selecting the “Browse Manzama Sources” button.

Firm Only: Subscriptions or specific sources requested by the organization that can be added to the platform.

Promoted Firm Wide: Sources that admins select whereby promoted sources and content goes to the top of user’s alerts across the organization.

Excluded Firm Wide: Sources that admins select to be excluded from user’s alerts across the organization.

manzama screenshot of admin navigation
manzama sources admin add a new source

Add any source you want.

Manzama has 80,000+ sources already included within the platform. If for some reason we still don’t have what you’re looking for, that’s not a problem. Simply select the “Add a New Firm Source” and request that your source be added to the platform.

Assign content across your organization.

Manzama allows for enterprise-wide, or individual “seat” content subscriptions. Admins can directly assign specific content sources to both individuals and groups throughout the organization. Just select a source and then decide who is to have access to it.

manzama source admin assign sources example
manzama screenshot of user navigation

Empower users to control their own content.

If so desired, end users can also control content sources for themselves within their Manzama profile.  Individual options for source management include:

Search Firm and Manzama Sources: Allows end users to search for any sources across the content spectrum that are available to them.

Promoted Sources: Promotes a designated source’s content to the top of the displayed search results and alerts when a relevant match.

Trusted Sources: Displays content from selected sources separately within search results and email alerts when a relevant match. Folders can also be created to group Trusted Sources together.

Exclude Sources: Removes a designated source’s content so the platform will no longer deliver articles from designated sources within search results or alerts.


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