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Manzama + OnePlace Integration
Building Relationships with Dynamic Intelligence


The legal industry has long been known for its tradition of relationships. It’s a simple concept: Clients tend to think first of the people they trust and with whom they have a rapport.

And while that venerable tradition will remain the backbone of service, technology is putting a new spin on things.

Enter the world of real-time integration, customization, and an evolution towards dynamic, proactive business development rooted in technology and flourishing with people.

Historically, many attorneys have developed business based solely on relationships, relying on disparate and sometimes stagnant systems and processes for support.  By the time outreach occurs, information could be stale.

“We want to take a more insight-led approach. We shouldn’t have to wait until that next piece of work comes around. We should be so on top of our clients and understand their business so well that we actually anticipate their needs,” said Brian Conway, head of Business Development and Marketing Operations for McDermott Will & Emery LLP.

As one of the world’s largest and most elite firms, McDermott has sought innovative outside partners to help drive that dynamic approach. Recently, the firm implemented OnePlace, a leading Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution, and Manzama’s Business Intelligence platform to drive attorney engagement via a single, real-time integration.

The leading partnership provides attorneys and other key stakeholders access to insights powered by Manzama Business Intelligence directly from the OnePlace CRM environment. It’s just one example of how McDermott has aggressively invested in new technology to support the firm’s forward-thinking mentality.

“Leading with the insight is the additional value-add. That’s the place where Manzama really helps us — helping attorneys understand everything that happens within a given account so we can formulate those insights and approach conversations intelligently,” Conway said.

Right Time, Right Place
Attorneys have a very busy schedule and when they do set aside time for business development, they require quality information via an accessible and easy-to-use system.  It is both inefficient and ineffective for attorneys to cull through older information that might or might not be relevant to the opportunity at hand. The Manzama OnePlace integration captures market and company intelligence in the very CRM system attorneys utilize prior to outreach, minimizing time spent and ensuring stakeholders have access to insight at the moment they require it.

McDermott implemented a tiered approach and is using the Manzama OnePlace platform to provide attorneys a high-level understanding of major news, as well as more detailed views around individual clients and related practices.

Changing Behavior
It’s not easy to drive adoption around new technology. At McDermott, that meant doing the work upfront so that when attorneys log onto their OnePlace account, they are greeted with customized Manzama news feeds around the topics that matter most. With the assistance of Manzama’s JumpStart program, the firm created individualized feeds that were ready to consume on day one. The firm started with a pilot group and ultimately rolled out the integration to practice areas at the rate of roughly one a week.

“Manzama was a really good partner under very tight time constraints,” Conway said.

In fact, 60 days after rollout, the firm had a 42 percent spike in engagement with company and industry intelligence, underscoring the value of combining easy-to-consume client and relationship-based data.

Driving Action and Engagements
The proof is in the outcome: McDermott had the opportunity to reengage an old client at an event and began tracking the company utilizing the Manzama OnePlace integration. While the firm was waiting to get a meeting on the calendar, a piece of relevant intelligence popped up and prompted McDermott to reach out to the client proactively.

Thanks to the integration, the attorneys were reviewing relationship activity alongside the Manzama intelligence feeds, empowering the attorneys to combine internal and external insight to drive outreach at a critical juncture.

“There was a key piece of news that landed and the team reached out and offered their perspective on what happened and we got the meeting scheduled right away,” Conway recalled. “Fast forward and we were able to win business with this former client. … Not only have you added value from a business perspective, but you’ve also earned some trust going into that meeting. It’s a great lead-in.”

About Manzama + OnePlace

The Manzama and OnePlace integration allow for seamless integration of Manzama data and insights into OnePlace’s Client Lifecycle Management solution for Professional Services firms. The integration allows organizations to bring in the key information provided by the Manzama Intelligence Platform directly into their OnePlace CRM environment for better access and utilization by stakeholders and teams across the firm.

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McDermott Will & Emery wanted to provide key stakeholders a single view of actionable relationship, client, and industry insight.

The Manzama OnePlace integration combines client relationship management with proactive, dynamic intelligence in a single place, empowering users to “see around the corner.”

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