Lawyer, Meet Manzama

Lawyer Meet Manzama

How many times have you asked yourself the question, “How can I get our lawyers using Manzama?” If you answered with some variation of “numerous,” you are not alone. You know it’s easy to use and provides actionable information, but getting it rolled out to the rest of the firm can be a challenge.

We are here to help you make the “Lawyer to Manzama” introduction. During this 45-minute webinar, we’ll discuss best practices for putting the power of Manzama into the hands of your lawyers.

1) Learn how Manzama can help you JumpStart your rollout using our new service for pre-populating profiles and setting up the alerts.

2) See a demo of Profile Builder 2.0, which is making it easier than ever for new users to create a targeted profile within minutes.

3) Hear our top tips for keeping the Manzama momentum, once it’s rolled out.

Phil Duong, Director of Knowledge Services, Manzama
Stacy Rowe, Director of Client Services, Manzama