Jinfo Review of Manzama Insights

Market Analytics and AI Power Strategic Decision-Making

Manzama Insights screenshot of health score

Tackling information overload has been the stated goal of news aggregators and media monitoring services for at least the last 20 years; their success in meeting that challenge has varied considerably. Over that period, the volume of news and other information has grown hugely, driven to a considerable degree by the rise of social media and its adoption as a news distribution channel. However, the result of the exponential growth in content has been the development of new “big data” technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) that enable automated analysis of large volumes of content.

Manzama, the market intelligence and current awareness platform targeted at legal and professional service firms, has harnessed the power of AI in its new application, Manzama Insights, to enable users to develop a concise but complete picture of what is happening to the health of companies and industries they are following.

Manzama Insights was launched in February 2018, initially as Manzama Signals, to provide an analytical layer sitting on top of the existing product, which has now been renamed Manzama Base. Jinfo published a full product review of this product in August 2017 and this mini-review focuses on Manzama Insights.

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