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Consolidation and Automation at Irwin Mitchell LLP


Irwin Mitchell has grown relatively quickly over recent years and had effectively out-grown its previous current awareness solution. Within the overall Knowledge & Intelligence (KI) function, a small team is responsible for delivering current awareness to the business. It was vital to find a solution that could automate this process and deliver alerts to a large number of people without sacrificing the quality and relevance that comes with manual curation.

The current awareness project was led by Interim Head of Knowledge & Intelligence, Eleanor Windsor, a consultant from specialist provider LibSource. Eleanor worked closely with experienced members of the Irwin Mitchell KI team, Louise Young and Jill Henderson, to evaluate the various current awareness products available in the marketplace. The firm opted for Manzama’s intelligence platform due to its highly scalable platform, intuitive technology, user-friendly interface and experience in the law firm market.

“The content, technical support and know-how from the Manzama team has been crucial to the seamless and successful rollout to our business. No question was too trivial and no request was too much trouble. They have been a pleasure to work with.”

Next came the task of understanding how Manzama could consolidate a large number of legal updates being sent from various sources, and then build on that to also consistently include client, market and competitive intelligence within a single daily alert. Irwin Mitchell relied upon the experience and expertise of Louise and Jill, whose long tenure at Irwin Mitchell meant that they understand how Irwin Mitchell operates inside and out. This insightful knowledge and experience allowed the team to undertake detailed and effective planning for the Manzama project, ultimately making it a great success.

“By automating all of our current awareness with Manzama, our internal knowledge team have saved considerable time and are now free to focus on adding even more value to our new news and alerts service.”

As with most large law firms, Irwin Mitchell supports their fee earner needs by providing access to multiple online legal research database products. These products provide their own automated email function, but not in a highly customisable or consolidated way, meaning fee earners were subscribing to alerts from multiple sources to stay informed on the latest developments, thus contributing to email overload. As Manzama’s intelligence platform connects to over 75,000 vetted sources relevant to legal professionals, integrating content from the major publishers as well as specialist products and publications was easily achieved.

The team designed a short survey to help capture team and individual requirements and then worked with Manzama’s UK Client Success team to build optimised search queries and add in additional sources requested by fee-earners.  For each practice or industry group a template was created consisting of the relevant search queries and sources for each group to provide the required legal, industry, client and competitor news. Throughout this process feedback was regularly obtained from key contacts within each team to ensure all content, sources and articles sent were fully relevant and to identify any gaps in coverage.

“Manzama has proven to be a powerful tool to consolidate legal & business updating and producing timely and rich content to our lawyers. It has created a much needed ‘buzz’ around current awareness in our practice teams!”

Once the analysis was complete, the project moved to the implementation phase. Irwin Mitchell opted to use Manzama’s JumpStart programme which involves the pre-population and optimisation of large numbers of user profiles, consequently removing precious time and resources from the firm’s KI team. JumpStart allowed the team to deliver the agreed content to over 1,000 individual profiles and enabled full personalisation for both individuals and groups.

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Irwin Mitchell is unlike any other law firm. Nationally acclaimed, with a strong international capability, it offers a broad range of legal services to national and international organisations and institutions, small and medium-sized businesses and private individuals via its 13 offices.

Irwin Mitchell currently employs over 2,500 members of staff, including over 1,000 legally trained personnel and have helped over one million clients in its 100-year history. In 2012, Irwin Mitchell became one of the first law firms to be approved as an Alternative Business Structure, allowing them to plan for growth and take advantage of the opportunities created by the changing legal landscape.


• Deliver high quality, relevant, personalised alerts to over 1,000 fee earners

• Reduce the time spent managing current awareness within the Knowledge & Intelligence team

• Consolidate email alerts from various sources including legal updates, client news, market and competitive intelligence


• Analysis of existing email alerts, key sources and individual user preferences

• Consolidate premium-subscription content and alerts from the firm’s various legal research products

• Develop two information professionals to become Manzama power users to manage the successful implementation

• Engage the Manzama Client Success team to plan, develop and execute our JumpStart programme across 1,000 fee earners and 13 offices for rapid deployment