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Enhanced Current Awareness and Competitive Intelligence with Manzama at Gowling WLG

Gowling WLG UK (part of the international law firm Gowling WLG), faced the challenge of consolidating current awareness and intelligence efforts for its Business Development, PSL teams and fee earners. Seeking to improve their staff’s intelligence resources, Gowling WLG UK deployed Manzama’s market-leading intelligence platform. This allowed the firm to capture highly relevant content about their clients, specific industry sectors and key events, as well as streamline their key information sources, comprised of both paid and free online content.

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The onboarding process required only one internal admin user to efficiently create accounts and train over 400 users, primarily lawyers, how to individually customise, monitor and share specially curated intelligence about their clients, practice areas, sectors and topics.

“We can be the first to contact our client with breaking news that affects their business.”

Head of Client Development, Gowling WLG

The Need: Enhanced Intelligence and Efficiency

After its global merger, Gowling WLG Head of Digital and Innovation, Derek Southall, and Information Service Manager, Susanne Homer, recognised the capabilities and value of Manzama’s responsive intelligence platform to streamline the firm’s current awareness operations whilst expanding its access to, and quality of, information. Using Manzama, the firm could efficiently cast a broader, yet more specialised net to capture highly relevant content–simultaneously preventing information overload. Once implemented, individual user profiles and consolidated email alerts would deliver curated current awareness feeds from diverse, comprehensive sources.

Efficient Profile Creation

One of the greatest barriers for firms in implementing new software and online tools is getting stakeholders to the technology table. Information Professional Emma Kings quickly mastered the platform’s simplified profile creation and intuitive tools to assist in the onboarding process. Emma Kings facilitated one-to-one and group training sessions for the Business Development and PSL teams, plus the wider lawyer population, who quickly became the primary users. Once trained, users could self-serve to personalise their profiles and customise their content feeds for their specific client and practice area needs. Users could also request assistance from the Information Resources team to create personalised profiles on their behalf.

“I really like the daily reporting which has already allowed me to follow up key developments with clients and congratulate them on wins”

Partner, Gowling WLG

Practice Area and Topic Groups

Drawing from Manzama’s intelligence platform of over 75,000 sources, users were able to create specialised group profiles covering client, topic and practice area current awareness. Alerts then were sent to group members notifying them of significant developments within their relevant areas of law, thus increasing fee earner knowledge and expertise. In addition, group updates shared on the firm’s intranet improved knowledge sharing and departmental collaboration.

Alert Consolidation

Previously, fee earners received many alerts for each company. With Manzama, they now receive a single, consolidated email alert covering all of their clients, sectors, topics and interests. The improved process of managing current awareness has allowed Gowling WLG to enhance their scope of competitive intelligence through the creation of practice group alerts and knowledge sharing via the firm’s Intranet industry updates to key clients.

A Highly Scalable Content Management Tool for Law Firms

The Manzama Intelligence Platform now serves as Gowling WLG’s core client and market intelligence product. With further plans to roll the platform out to its international offices, Gowling WLG will continue to capitalise upon several of the platform’s attributes that have enhanced their user intelligence, knowledge and efficiency.

Gowling WLG is an international law firm of 1,400+ legal professionals and dedicated business support teams built on the belief that the best way to serve their clients is to be in tune with their world, aligned with their opportunity and ambitious for their success.

The Goals:
  • Enhanced Intelligence and Efficiency
  • Alerts Consolidation and Management
  • Custom Content Curation and Sharing
The Strategy:
  • One super-user within the Information team to manage the creation, roll-out and training of all UK fee earners using Manzama’s streamlined profile creation and admin suite
  • Over 400 unique user profiles to be created, including fee earners, PSLs and Business Development
  • Fee earners will receive personalised intelligence via individual and group alerts
  • Knowledge staff curate and publish key content and stories throughout the firm’s intranet
  • Improvement of content (including thought leadership) and sharing via curated newsletters both to internal practice teams and externally to clients