Future Direction of AI and Manzama Insights

Future Direction of AI and Manzama Insights webinar screenshot

Everyone is talking about AI and machine learning, but has anyone figured how harness that power for business development?

Manzama Has.

What if you could stop reading headline after post after article to find trends?

What if the machine did the reading for you, categorized the content, scored it for its negative or positive valence, and delivered it to you in an easy to digest summary?

That time is here, with Manzama Insights™.

Learn about the latest in AI and how Manzama is harnessing that power to enhance Manzama Insights.

phil headshot

Phil Duong, JD – Manzama
Product Director, Manzama Insights™

andrew headshot

Andrew Duchon, Ph.D. – Manzama
Director of Data Science

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