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Alpert Barr & Grant Achieves Leadership In Emerging Practice Area With Help From Manzama

Attorneys in small and boutique firms are typically more engaged in the business development process than their counterparts at larger firms. But Adam Grant – a partner at Alpert Barr & Grant in Encino, California – has taken rainmaking to a whole different level by establishing a heretofore unknown area of practice, and positioning himself as its thought leader.

Grant, who is an ironman tri-athlete, spends a good deal of time training. It was during a 4,000 yard swim several years ago that he had an epiphany. “Your mind kind of wanders during long sets of swimming,” he recalled. “I was thinking how twenty years ago, I communicated with clients through phone calls and letters, but now, nearly all of our communications are electronically based—texts, emails, social media and apps. This led me to ponder the many privacy issues involved. This is largely uncharted territory; it’s a hotbed of legislation right now, and is applicable to anyone who wants to sell his or her products or services in California. I realized that counsel on these privacy issues could benefit any of my current clients who had an app or a website – which is to say, all of them. It also occurred to me that the developers who write mobile apps had a need to stay abreast of this information.”

“Coming out of the water, I thought—I need to do this! It’s cutting edge and the law has not caught up with the business trends. My clients need this as do all of the app developers out there. This simple idea that came to me while swimming amazingly became the genesis of a new practice area for me.”

Recognizing the potential of a Mobile Application and Online Privacy Law practice was, of course, a pivotal first step. Establishing such a practice – and communicating its existence to the marketplace – seemed as though it would take considerable effort. “Adam understands that he must continually do a lot of reading to stay up to speed in this quickly changing area of the law,” said Merry Neitlich, a principal with Extreme Marketing, a professional services marketing consultancy that has worked with Alpert Barr & Grant. “I know he has incredible follow through, and if he decides he wants to do something, he will do it. I saw one of our roles being to help him hunt down the specific information that would help him gain expertise and position himself as a mobile app expert. For that, we turned to Manzama.”

alpert-barr-mobileA New Practice is Born…in Less Than Eight Months

With a variety of searches set up in Manzama to identify new information and analysis concerning mobile application privacy, Adam Grant was able to quickly get up to speed on this emerging area of the law. “I can’t spend my time doing searches,” Grant continued, “but with Manzama, new issues are automatically sent to me in one daily consolidated email as they arise – and they are coming up every day – not just in the United States, but everywhere. If the California Attorney General makes an announcement or the Federal Trade Commission presents a webinar pertaining to mobile apps, I know about it immediately.”

Thanks largely to his tenacious work ethic – and to Manzama’s search and analysis capabilities – Adam Grant has emerged as a leading authority on mobile app privacy law…  and in less than eight months! “I’ve been named legal editor at App Developer magazine,” Grant continued, “and have presented at conferences around the country, including DevCon and MEF. My work in mobile app privacy has unequivocally translated into new clients, and it has generated new engagements with existing clients. When I share my new expertise with some current clients, you can see the light bulbs going on above their heads as they realize additional areas of business that they can expand into.”

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