Aaron Starts Meaningful Conversations with Manzama

With Business Intelligence Tool, Client/Prospect News Finds the Firm

You only have one chance to make a first impression, as the old saying goes. If you happen to be a solicitor and you’re trying to impress a prospective client, it’s not a well-cut suit or a posh lunch that’s going to get the job done. The best way to impress a potential client – or an existing client, for that matter – is to display an understanding of their business. By showing some knowledge of the nuances of the client’s industry, their competition, the regulatory (and other) challenges they’re facing, you illustrate that you care enough about their business to deserve their business.

Aaron & Partners has long acknowledged the importance of understanding their prospects and current client’s business. But acquiring this information in a timely manner had been at best a tiresome task, at worst something that simply didn’t happen as a matter of course like it should. “We have long placed a strong emphasis on business intelligence gathering and are unusual for a firm our size in having a dedicated resource for it.” said Scott Hadden, Head of Marketing at Aaron & Partners. “At times efforts could be sporadic and risked putting us ‘behind the curve’. We would conduct individual searches on client websites, regional publications and the trade press. On occasions, we’d only find the information once it had appeared in the mainstream press when it could be viewed as ‘old hat.’ The worse case was you didn’t find it at all.”

Tracking Primary Targets, Key Clients and Salient Issues…Automatically

Aaron & Partners recently implemented Manzama to streamline the firm’s data gathering efforts. “All of our primary targets are tracked via Manzama,” Hadden continued. “This allows us to create a time line of what activities the prospect is undertaking, and where the company is gaining coverage. We then look to match the timeline with recent news about the prospect’s industry sector to create content that will have an impact on the directors of that business. Manzama sends us alerts via email each morning. By 10 a.m., all the relevant stories (and the wider trends associated with them) that the platform has identified have been reviewed by the marketing team and stored or shared with appropriate fee earners with the click of a button. We no longer have to spend time searching across the web all day to stay current. Manzama not only saves us time, but it makes our time usage more effective. The platform has already led to enhanced communications with existing clients and helped to us to gain better insights into some of the sectors that we serve.”

At this stage of Aaron’s Manzama implementation, platform usage is focused in the business development and marketing disciplines. In time, the firm’s fee earners will likely have direct access to the product. Hadden succinctly stated Manzama’s appeal: “The news now finds me—not the other way around!”

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