Partner with Us to Save Time Creating CI & Current Awareness Reports 3 years ago

prebuilt and custom competitive intelligence and current awareness reports

Let’s face it, time is one of our most valuable resources and no matter how well we manage our schedules we never seem to have enough of it. We’re pulled in so many different directions, and some projects just get pushed aside. This is where partnering with Manzama Intelligence Services can help. We work hand and hand with your organization to help you stay on top of current developments, research, and competitive intelligence. Let’s look at a few ways you can utilize these services:

Media Monitoring

It’s important to know when your firm or people are mentioned in the news. With so much news to track and so many places to find it, this can be difficult and time consuming. Let us do this for you. We are able to monitor the news on your behalf looking for firm mentions, people mentions, or any criteria you desire. We will pull all instances and parse out data important to you and can even provide an abstract of what was mentioned in a convenient spreadsheet.

Content Marketing with Industry Reports

Content marketing and thought leadership programs provide a strong avenue to gain credibility and visibility, but they can also tax the resources of your team. The Manzama Intelligence Team can partner with you to create custom reports to cover any key industry you already serve or would like to break into.  One of our clients had this to say:

“The MIS Team provides excellent content through custom reports. We continue to grow our thought leadership program without increasing the amount of time it takes. Manzama’s Intelligence Team provides an easy fix!” – Julie Gurney, Director of Marketing and Communications – Benesch

Movement Report Tracking

Are you interested in the lateral movement of senior attorneys or partners by firm or practice group? We monitor the leading law firms around the globe to help understand which of your competitors are investing and growing, and in which practice areas and locations. Watch out for General Counsel movement to help uncover the risks and opportunities related to key clients and prospects changing jobs. We have two reports to help you do this- the Lateral Movement Report and the Corporate Counsel Movement Report.

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