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Blog Post by Mike Hollibaugh, Chief Technology Officer

I am rapidly approaching my two-year anniversary as the CTO at Manzama. My how the time just flies by!  In the past two years, I have had over 40 meetings with various organizations from large to small and a common theme has emerged.  All of them are in the process of pulling their various disparate systems together into one central organized place.

Organizations use a wide array of point solutions to automate their businesses. Many of these systems overlap in some way and integrating them all into a single portal enhances adoption, allows for a better user experience and may allow for consolidation.

Most software providers give several options to integrate their particular offering within your own or other vendors systems.  Some of these options can be very complex and require software engineers to achieve and some can be relatively simple.  Manzama offers an array of different ways you can integrate our content into your systems.  Let’s examine the options from easiest to most complex.

RSS Feeds

Probably the simplest way to integrate Manzama content into your own systems is using RSS feeds.  Each search within the Manzama Base platform can be ingested into your systems via an RSS feed. When looking at the search results in the Base platform you can click on the RSS icon shown below and it will give you a URL for the RSS feed of the search you are on. You can simply embed this URL in your own system to retrieve the Manzama content for the specific search.

How to create an rss feed using Manzama

Portal Pages

Portal Pages are responsive designed web pages hosted on the Manzama Base platform.  These pages are intended to be placed within an iframe on a webpage of your choosing.  You can link the page to a specific search or to a library of searches for the user to choose from.  Below is a screenshot of a search portal page. Note that this method of integration provides the user with the ability to refine, filter and sort the results as opposed to using an RSS feed which does not provide this capability.  The second screenshot below shows the portal page that will allow the user to pick which search to run.

manzama in an iframe
manzama search options in a portal


Manzama provides a native integration to Salesforce and OnePlace.  This integration requires that you have DUNS numbers on your companies or that you link the companies you have in SF/OP to specific company searches within the Manzama Base platform.  You can also have a landing page for each SF/OP user that links to their Manzama landing page.  This allows each user to see their personal Manzama news.  Below is a screenshot of a user’s personal news on the Salesforce home page.

manazama personalized news in salesforce

Below is a screenshot of a Company/Account in Salesforce linked to a Manzama search for that company in order to show the news.

manzama company news in salesforce

Manzama API

Manzama provides a robust and powerful API for integrating with other systems.  Using an API for integrating with any platform is somewhat complex and requires a software engineer to pull it off.  The benefit is flexibility.  An API is used to exchange data and this allows the system using the API to do whatever is needed with the data including store it and display it.

It is important before integrating with any of the methods described above that you have your Manzama searches organized under a group user or Firm Library.  This will ensure that everything you want to integrate with is organized and maintained in one place.  I hope this post has explained at a high level the various ways you can integrate with the Manzama platform to pull content into your own system.  If you have any questions or the need arises to talk in further detail feel free to shoot me an email.

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