Manzama Unveils AI-Powered Business Development Tools 4 years ago

Manzama Unveils AI-Powered Business Development Tools

Manzama, a global leader in market intelligence and current awareness for professional services firms, today announced the introduction of its latest product, Manzama Signals®, a software solution specifically designed to enable professional services firms to make better informed, data-driven business development decisions.

Manzama Signals leverages the latest techniques in artificial intelligence and deep machine learning to enable users to obtain meaningful and actionable insights highlighting critical factors impacting corporate health. Building on the success of the Manzama flagship platform, Manzama Signals will enable its users to develop a more relevant and complete picture of what’s happening with a company. Once news content about a company enters the Manzama system, Signals will analyze and classify it, natural language processing will automatically identify its valence – either negative or positive – in one of six operational (finance, partners, management, etc.) categories, and will return relevant, actionable knowledge, ready to be shared to users.

Manzama Signals helps bypass the need to read numerous news stories to be able to see patterns, draw important conclusions and find opportunities, resulting in more robust, data-driven business development planning.

“Many of our clients have expressed the need to shorten the business generation cycle, and while current awareness is critical to this process, the constant, un-ending volume of news presents a challenge to professionals and business developers alike. With Manzama Signals, we are able to offer a short-cut to action, and to help them read less and understand more about the events and trends that drive their clients’ and prospects’ businesses,” said Peter Ozolin, CEO and co-founder of Manzama.

“Having a comprehensive understanding of both our clients’ and prospects’ businesses, and being able to quickly pinpoint key areas where the firm can deliver value to them, is mission critical and helps set us apart from the competition,” observed Jennifer Reynolds Larivee, Director of Marketing at global law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. “When we saw Manzama Signals, we immediately recognized its potential to help us augment the way we use data to accelerate the business development cycle. By focusing on the key indicators of company health, we have been able to find opportunities that used to take more time and resources to identify and act upon.”

Since 2010, Manzama has been the leading provider of current awareness and market intelligence to legal and professional service organizations around the globe. With intuitive search and sharing tools and user-friendly implementation, it makes the process of finding and sharing competitive business insights easy. Manzama’s proprietary platform uses sophisticated search algorithms to scour the web for relevant content, including social media, based on each user’s personalized preferences, then delivers highly customized news and information to the user via email alert, mobile app and his or her own dashboard.

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