Manzama + Society 54 Partnership 5 years ago

Manzama, the leading provider of Content Discovery for law firms and Society 54, an innovative professional services coaching and consulting firm, are pleased to announce a partnership within Society 54’s cloud-based gamification software, INhabit.  INhabit is an intuitive cloud based business development and relationship building tool for professionals looking to develop behavioral habits through tracking activities with enhanced accountability.

Through this partnership, Manzama is able to provide INhabit users with customized news and client intelligence plugged directly into the software’s business development tracking dashboard.  Having data specific to clients and industries provides opportunities to remain cognizant of the current landscape, and to allow users the ability to keep their clients aware of news and trends that may impact their business.  This integration will allow professionals using the INhabit platform to see news based on the clients and prospects on which they are focused.

“One of Manzama’s key objectives has always been to make insights easy to find and share, and our partnership with Society 54 represents an important milestone for our mutual clients in achieving that goal,” said Allison Nussbaum, Senior Vice President Client Services at Manzama.

Jill Huse, a Partner at Society 54, adds “By partnering with Manzama, we are able to provide INhabit users customized, relevant and timely information that is specific to their practices and clients. This additional feature allows us to better serve our own clients and to increase the overall value of their investments.”

Manzama is a next-generation content intelligence platform, specifically designed for legal professionals, that mines and analyzes vast amounts of business and legal related news and information and delivers customized, consolidated, and highly relevant intelligence to each individual across the firm. Established in 2010, Manzama gives its users a knowledge advantage by making the process of finding and sharing powerful insights easy.

Society 54, LLC is a coaching and consulting firm focused on servicing the needs of professional service firms and their respective professionals through strategic business development and marketing counsel.  Society 54 developed INhabit, a gamified tracking software, to assist professionals with enhancing their business development efforts through increased focus and accountability.

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