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Manzama is the place to go for all things related to current awareness. However, there is a product for EVERYTHING else: Intranet, Client Relations, Client Extranets, Email Marketing, and others, each having their own benefits and information to capture, but wouldn’t it be nice if they could be consolidated? Manzama has the ability to take information from our platform and into other places. A trend we are seeing from firms is creating ONE location for their lawyers to go for all their needs, including current awareness. Knowing that we have created simple, out-of-the-box solutions to make this easy, with little work on the part of Manzama Administrators. We also support a more advanced solution for those firms with an engineering team to customize the display of Manzama content. 

Manzama integrates with varying degrees of effort on the part of the Manzama Administrator, as well as varying degrees of display customization.

Integration Effort Customization Where it Integrates Base or Insights
RSSEasyVery littleAnywhere with an RSS Reader
Ex: Portals, Intranets, CRMs, Webpages
Portal IntegrationModerateApply a variety of filters & change the date rangeAnywhere with the ability to integrate an iFrame Ex:SharePoint, CRMs, HighQBoth
APIAdvancedEntirely customizableAnywhere you have the ability to write your own code and change the displayed content.Base

We also have specific integrations with other service providers.

Integration Effort Customization Base or Insights
OnePlace Moderate The searches can be customized within Manzama and shared with OnePlace. Both
Introhive Easy The searches can be customized within Manzama and shared with Introhive. Base

What is in it for me, the Manzama Administrator? 

Reduce, Reuse & REPURPOSE

Take an existing search, entire dashboards of searches, or Insights pages and include them within your Portal or CRM to repurpose the work that is already being created within Manzama. Also, if you regularly flag content to include in a Publish Newsletter, you can also take that content and place it within another environment. 

One-Stop Shop

This enhances the value of your existing platforms by including current awareness. “I wish I didn’t have that information on our key clients”, said no one ever!

Enhance Knowledge of Key Clients

The more your lawyers know about their key clients and trending issues within industries, the more reason they have to reach out to their clients, fostering the existing relationships. Maintaining a general understanding of your client’s world can support cross-selling within other practice areas within the firm, as well. 

To learn more about the best option for your firm, connect with your Client Success Manager or email Keep Calm & Integrate On!

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