Manzama Insights Expansion of Geographic Regions 2 years ago

The Highlights

Manzama’s Data Science Team recently expanded the Insights platform’s geographic coverage and filtering capabilities with the addition of five regions: Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. This is in addition to US & Global, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.  The United Kingdom has been broadened to include Ireland, so it is being renamed UK & Ireland.  Australia has been broadened to include New Zealand and the South Pacific, so it is being renamed Australasia.

Regional lenses will help clients quickly see what’s happening globally or within each of their targeted regions from a company or industry perspective.   For example, the local concerns of Apple may differ from region to region, even more so with recent impacts of COVID-19 varying from country to country. Another example is looking at an industry across different geographies. Each geography will highlight news from different companies, show different health trends and different factors with the greatest risk.

We hope you find these new geographical filters helpful in understanding the news around the world and more easily seeing the particular changes occurring within your desired regions.

Additional Background

The underlying content analyzed by Manzama Insights is objective news; therefore, social media sources tracked within Manzama Base, such as Twitter, are not analyzed within Insights, nor are content sources such as Federal Court filings. Geographic filtering is based on the location of the source providing the news. The rationale is that editors of publications in Australasia for example will have a stronger local pulse on the region. In the table below, we provide the types of countries that are included in each geographical filter.

Geography Regions
Europe Western European countries; Central European countries; Eastern European Countries; Russia
UK & Ireland United Kingdom, Ireland
Australasia Australia; New Zealand; South Pacific countries
Canada Canada
Asia Southeast Asian Countries; China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore
Africa North African countries (except Egypt, Morocco); Central African Countries; South African Countries
Middle East Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.
Latin America Central American Countries; South American Countries; Caribbean Countries and Territories


Below are some examples of sources in the different geographies.  Note that a source can belong to more than one geography.  As mentioned above, the US & Global geography includes all of them.

Geography Total Sources Sample Sources
Europe ~9000 Financial News; Financial Times; The Guardian; Irish Times; Business Insider UK; Reuters UK
UK & Ireland ~8000 UK PR Newswire; City AM; The Telegraph; The Independent; Proactive Investors; BBC News
Australasia ~3000 The Age; Brisbane Times; Gold Coast Bulletin; The Sydney Morning Herald; Australian Financial Review; The Australian
Canada ~2500 National Post; Financial Post; Global News Canada; Canada Newswire; The Globe and Mail; Toronto Star
Asia ~1200 Business Standard; Economic Times; Korean Herald; South China Morning Post; The Hindu Business Line; The Straits Times
Africa ~600 Moneyweb; Business Live; Times Live; IOL Independent Online; Sharenet; Vanguard
Middle East ~600 The National; Zawya; Gulf News; Jerusalem Post; Arabian Business; The Arabian Post 
Latin America ~300 NewsDay (Trinidad); Business News Americas; Rio Times; Argentina News; Latin Finance; Latin America Herald Tribune


Below you’ll see what the Mining Industry looks like from three different perspectives: Canada, Africa, and Australasia.   The Health Score trend in Canada and Africa is downward, while in Australasia it’s up and down but still positive overall.  In particular, the Operations scores for Canada and Africa are quite low, while Mining in Australasia is having the most negative news in the Government factor.

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