Manzama, Inc. Bolstering its Management Ranks with Key Hire 5 years ago

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Manzama is pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Duchon to its management team in the newly created role of Director, Data Science. Andrew brings a deep experience to vital areas in which Manzama make significant investment in both the short and long term. Andrew holds a PHD in Cognitive & Linguistic Science from Brown University and joins Manzama from Jama Software.

Mark Hinkle, the Company’s Chief Operating Officer, commented, “While Manzama is continually making improvements and updates to the core platform, we are also making investments that reflect a long-term commitment to deliver new value and innovation well beyond current awareness and content aggregation.” “Adding Andrew to executive team underscores our commitment to becoming a world class content intelligence platform and leader in this product category,” said Peter Ozolin, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer.

To learn more about Manzama and the management team, please visit Manzama’s About Us page.

Established in 2010, Manzama is a next-generation content intelligence platform, specifically designed for professional services firms, that mines and analyzes vast amounts of business and legal related news and information and delivers customized, consolidated, and highly relevant intelligence to each individual across the firm. Manzama gives its users a knowledge advantage by making the process of finding and sharing powerful insights easy. The platform is in use in over 150 of the world’s largest law firms, as well as a number of other professional services firms in industries such as financial services, accounting, consulting and public relations.

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