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Did you know that Warren Buffet recently said that he reads 6 newspapers every day? As many of the subscriptions undoubtedly have duplicate stories, that’s quite a bit of reading and hassle! While that works for him, not everybody has that kind of time on their hands. A busy organization needs a time-saving solution that can manage any number of subscriptions, filter out the noise, de-duplicate stories, and package all of the articles of interest into a single, easy-to-read daily email.

If this sounds like a wish list, then Manzama’s subscription management is for you!

Your organization may have to manage dozens of subscriptions and distribute content every day to various individuals, teams, and departments. That’s why we’ve made it possible to easily incorporate all of your subscriptions into Manzama so your organization can have access to all of its paid subscription content in one central location for easier and more efficient management.

Once the subscriptions are imported into Manzama, they are treated just like other news sources in your organization’s library and can be used as such. These subscriptions are proprietary to your account, so your competitors who might also use Manzama will never be able to see what you subscribe to. This gives you the flexibility to promote and trust subscription sources, so the content that you are paying for can be pushed to the top of the filtered results. Manzama admins can also push subscription sources to selected users to whom it would benefit the most. That way, your entire organization doesn’t have to view sources that may be relevant to only a few users.

Having all of your subscriptions in one place makes it easy for the admin or end user to quickly filter the content against personalized preferences and create a concise selection of meaningful articles. By consolidating and filtering all of your subscriptions into one, easy-to-read personalized daily or weekly email, you’ll be sparing users at your organization from having to wade through the endless stream of content noise. And with the hours saved, they’ll be free to put the discovered insights into action to drive new revenue or strengthen client relations.

By utilizing subscription management, there is no reason anyone in your organization should be reading six newspapers a day!  Reach out to your client support specialist to see how to leverage this solution for your organization.

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