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Manzama Insights is all about allowing you to focus on what’s important and to do it quickly and efficiently without the need to read everything under the sun.

Case in point, let’s look at GoPro over January 2018. They had a rough month and the company’s future appears uncertain. In the last 30 days, an insider sold stock, there were layoffs and divisions were closed, a bank was hired to seek out a buyer, the CEO’s salary was slashed to $1, a flood of plaintiffs’ law firms started trolling for plaintiffs, and the stock dropped.

These are exactly the “signs” that Manzama Insights is designed to pick up, synthesize, and bring to your attention. So, instead of having to collect, read, and analyze all 1086 articles about GoPro over the last 30 days, Manzama Insights did the work for you and provided you with actionable intelligence to get you started on your business development or client service path.

Let’s follow the signs.

Electronic Components Industry Analysis
Electronic Components Industry Analysis
Manzama Insights operations example
Manzama Insights management example
Products & Services
Manzama Insights products and services example
Manzama Insights  financial example
Partners & Competitors
Manzama Insights  partners and competitors example
About Manzama Insights:

Manzama Insights™, our patent-pending technology, is designed to help organizations leapfrog the competition by using proprietary algorithms to identify indicators and themes from the deluge of web content that highlight opportunities and risks around individual companies and industry sectors. Manzama Insights™ employs data-driven models to better inform an organization’s competitive intelligence, business development, sales efforts, and strategic decision making.

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