Jinfo Reviews Manzama Insights 3 years ago

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Jinfo takes their first look at Manzama Insights, an AI-powered market analytics solution that leverages the latest in data science and artificial intelligence capabilities to analyze, classify, and group a myriad of news stories to highlight areas of risk and opportunity around companies and industries. Here’s what Jinfo had to say about Manzama Insights:

"In Jinfo’s view, Manzama Insights points the way forward in the development of market intelligence and current awareness platforms, which is a move away from simply finding relevant content, however sophisticated that may have become, towards understanding the information through the extraction of meaning, to produce actionable data and ultimately insights. Busy professionals have neither the time or interest in looking at large volumes of content, they need only know that a relevant activity or action has occurred and what it might mean for their decision-making."
Andrew Lucas, Jinfo Ltd.

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