Introducing Insights Industry 2.0 with Enhanced Analytics 3 years ago

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Manzama Insights now covers industries! The same AI technology behind Insights’ Corporate Health analytics has been enhanced to provide “insights” at an industry level. Our Overview pages and Industry Reports automatically analyzes tens of thousands of industry articles and distills the data down to 6 major health factors and 25 subfactors.

manzama insights internet services industry overview screenshot

We’ve also modernized and simplified our industry classifications. No more SIC codes. Insights industries now mirror and are linked to industries in Manzama Base. When you see an industry you want to track, simply “star” it to add it to your Insights and Base profiles.

manzama insights industry selection screenshot

With Insights Industry analytics, you can now quickly understand how an entire industry is fairing, where it’s excelling and where it’s under pressure quicker and more efficiently than your competitors. Is the industry experiencing regulatory hurdles? Are there companies within the industry on a buying spree? Or are they at increased risk of being bought by others within the industry or outside of the industry?

Retail Industry Scatterplot
manzama insigths industry scatterplot

Want to learn more about Manzama Insights? You can read more information here or request a demo to see what AI-powered market analytics can do for your organization.

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