Manzama Insights Tip: Issue Spotting at an Industry Scale 2 years ago

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Industry analysis can be even more daunting then company tracking. Instead of hundreds of articles on a company, you’re now dealing with tens of thousands of articles on an industry. While the scale of information can be overwhelming, Manzama Insights is specifically designed to help you cut through the noise and get to the insights, opportunities, and risks quickly and efficiently. Case in point, let’s look at the automotive industry over a 90-day period.

manzama insights automotive industry daily health score

During this period, there were 147,834 open web articles touching upon the automotive sector. Insights’ AI automatically processed all them (so you didn’t have to). Insights then classified, organized, and quantified the stories into easy to understand health metrics. (See the charts above and below.) With all of the data pre-processed, you’re free to focus on the implications of the data and identify leads and opportunities.

manzama insights automotive industry health score

For instance, while the industry’s overall 90-day health score is currently an unremarkable 0 and appears balanced, on the other hand, the daily industry health score shows a worrisome level of volatility. Digging deeper, three out of six of the key health metrics are at -2 or moderate risk, with only one, Partners & Competitors, showing any real strength at +6. Taken together, Insights’ health metrics can help you quickly build a compelling narrative that while the industry is pushing hard to re-invent itself as a technology and services industry through partnerships, acquisitions, and product innovations, corporate fundamentals like management, operations, and regulatory forces continue to cloud the industry’s future.

manzama insights automotive industry storyline

Want to dive deeper into the reasons behind the automotive industry’s -2 Operations health metrics? Need to identify which companies are doing well operationally and which are not? Insights’ analytic tools will help you identify the relevant stories in the last 90 days, allowing you to focus on the connection between the events and companies, and what they say about the future of this industry.

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