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We all know publication needs can vary dramatically depending on the individual, department, or client that they’re meant for. Manzama’s Publish provides a flexible solution to address organizations’ varying publishing requirements and can help your organization cultivate relationships. Below are a few ways we’ve seen Publish help drive results.

Direct-to-Client Newsletters

Publish allows users to send custom newsletters directly to clients to support their information needs. Need to customize the newsletter’s look? No problem. Publish gives you the ability to edit the styling of headers, titles, headlines, colors, text, and links to provide an informative document to your client that matches brand standards.

Client Teams

Do you regularly provide customized news alerts to team members focusing on client, industry, competitors, and key growth areas? Publish allows users to build relevant newsletters for client teams through three easy-to-use curation processes:

  • Hand-curation: Personally select all material that is included in the newsletter to ensure relevance.
  • Saved searches: Skip the hand-curation process and import saved searches directly into the publishing environment for automated content selection.
  • Hybrid: Add a combination of hand-curated material and saved searches to provide relevant material while staying efficient.

Need to automate your team newsletters even further? You can put your publications on auto-pilot with Recurring Publications. Build detailed searches in our system and/or flag your articles, select the individuals or team members to receive the newsletter or alert, and then select the days and times you’d like it sent. The selected content automatically populates the newsletter or alert and is emailed on the schedule that you determine.

Client Interviews

Provide your colleagues with the information they need to get the most out of their client interviews. With Publish, you can consolidate news on the client’s industry, competition, and business all in one place. Publish also makes it easy to collaborate amongst team members. We understand it is vitally important to have collaboration capabilities within an enterprise level publishing tool. With Publish, users can create, edit, and save curated sections which can then be easily accessed and compiled into a final publication.

Addressing your publishing needs with Manzama’s Publish will provide actionable information with a professional look to your organization and clients. Sign up for a demo today to see how Manzama Publish can benefit your organization.


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