Five Ways Manzama Makes Administration Easy 2 years ago

five ways manzama makes administration easy

Blog Post By Patrick Wells, Director of Product at Manzama

For today’s purposes, I’ll be diving into features we have implemented on the Manzama Base product, focused around the use cases of our clients tasked with managing others. Specifically, I want to highlight how we have built Base in a manner that allows Admins to quickly and easily get their organization setup, start receiving useful information and manage requests and changes over the continued use of our platform.

1. Getting Started using Manzama’s Jumpstart

Instead of building all the profiles yourself, simply pass along what information each user wants and Manzama will handle the rest. We don’t run into many interested parties that disagree – you provide an Excel file and we take it from there. Month-long or year-long setup processes are no longer an issue here.

2. User Management

Most of our clients now take the route of Jumpstart to seamlessly get their users up and running in the most efficient manner. Once you have a user base, it’s also easy to find users, edit their settings or even move into their profile and make edits firsthand. It’s also easy to create additional email alerts to send to those hungry for even more information.

3. Managing Searches

While offering thousands of pre-created searches and allowing users to build their own searches is great, it often comes down to how hard is it to manage these searches once you have hundreds or thousands of users? We try to go the extra mile here, allow you to view searches by the user or by name and then take bulk actions, either removing or copying searches into other profiles with just a few simple clicks.

4. Consolidating Content

We hear it frequently, “we receive too many emails” and yes, information, specifically in the form of Email Overload is a real problem. Our system is built to allow you to consolidate content, bringing it together into a central location, running searches and using filters to get to the level of information you want (or isolating sources to make sure you see all the focused content they provide) delivered to you on a regular basis.

5. Curation and Distribution of Content

Manzama gives you a variety of options to keep your client base informed and these make your life and management of information easier. Here’s a list of possible methods of content distribution: custom automated alerts driven 100% from Manzama, curated reports built by your analysts, information populated into other environments (CRM’s, Intranets, Portals, you name it!), reports sent to your clients, or managing the distribution of reports built by Manzama’s own analysts. From one to a combination of many of these options, we have you covered for your information needs!

If you’d like to see these administration features in action, please sign up for a demo today!

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