Use Case – Current Awareness

Enable your entire organization to be more informed and drive new business.
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Personalized information for everyone across the enterprise.

Staying aware of current news, shifting trends and new developments around a company or an industry sector is critical for any organization. It allows professionals to be proactive with a client’s needs and demonstrates situational awareness and understanding.  Manzama’s market intelligence solution allows everyone within your enterprise to be more informed about what they need to know about. Leverage Manzama’s many channels allowing colleagues to receive information around companies, industry sectors, competitors and topics through our customized email alerts, dashboards, mobile app, or numerous system integrations.

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Gain total control over email alerts.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control, curtail, and improve what comes into your colleague’s email inboxes? With Manzama’s configurable email alerts, you can! You’re in the driver’s seat to determine when they arrive, frequency,  number of results per topic,  and of course the content. Users have control over their own alerts and admins have robust alerting controls for the entire organization.

Dive deeper with the dashboard.

For users who want to a deeper understanding, Manzama offers a web-based dashboard where users can get more in-depth views into material developments around companies, industries,  competitors, and topics of interest.  Leverage Manzama’s graphs and visual cues to quickly learn of changes, developments or anomalies around those things important to you.  Easily share stories with colleagues, clients, and prospects via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Yammer.

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Clean up results with article grouping.

When a big news story hits it can clog up a results page with the same story coming from many different sources. Manzama’s article grouping solves this issue by finding similar articles from multiple sources and then aggregating them all together into one displayed collection.  You decide the specific source and version that you’d like to read or share.

Your personal search concierge.

Manzama makes searching easy for both the professional researcher and for the novice.  That is why we have pre-built thousands of searches around companies, industries, topics, and geographic regions. Leverage pre-built searches like “Contract Wins”, “RFP”, “Rumor Mill”, or “Deal Activity” against companies and industries.   Users can build their own searches too through literal search or our Boolean search functionality, and then easily save that search to their dashboard for quick access and inclusion in their consolidated and personalized daily or weekly alert.

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Stay in the know regarding filings.

With Manzama, you can stay in the know by seamlessly monitoring litigation, regulatory, patent, and DOJ filings that pertain to entities or topics that you care about. Manzama has partnered with Sqoop’s world-class public records solution which provides filing insights from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the Federal court system.


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