Use Case – Platform Integration

Showcase Manzama within portals, CRM systems, intranets, extranets, and websites.

Deliver intelligence where you want it.

Get the most out of the investments in your internal systems by integrating them with Manzama’s market intelligence and analytics. Deliver actionable insights where you want them and increase adoption and usage. Integrating with Manzama is easy, inexpensive and scalable for enterprises. From portals to CRM systems to websites, Manzama can deliver insightful current awareness through the use of iFrames, RSS, and API.

Just how easy is it to integrate?

There are many different options for integrating Manzama’s content and analytics. It can be as simple as displaying results in an RSS feed or more customization and configuration can be achieved by leveraging our API. Above is a chart that indicates the degree of investment and flexibility of various integrations.

Manzama Base Integration Examples

Manzama Insights Integration Examples

How to create an rss feed using Manzama

Create RSS feeds for content display.

All of Manzama’s search results pages can generate RSS feeds which can then be used to populate intranets, extranets and public-facing websites with your desired content. If you’re using WordPress, displaying RSS feeds is incredibly easy through the use of RSS display plugins. The RSS feeds from Manzama are updated every 15 minutes so you’ll always be displaying recent articles to your viewers.

Gain total control with our API.

For organizations that want total control with the information and analytics gleaned from Manzama, we provide a REST API that allows you to query documents, access trending terms, and download graphs and analytics about companies, industries, competitors and topics. Your development team will be able to integrate and configure Manzama content and analytics into any of your proprietary systems exactly how they want them.

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