Corporate Counsel Movement Report

Corporate Counsel Report
Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest movements of Corporate Counsel to help generate and strengthen client relationships.

Manzama’s weekly Corporate Counsel Movement Report delivers key insights and information around the movements and activities of Corporate Counsel across the globe. Whether you’re a lawyer, member of the Marketing / BD team, or a recruiter, these insights can help legal professionals to develop and strengthen client relationships. Report includes full distribution rights across your firm.

What You Get With the Report

Every Wednesday evening, subscribers receive an email detailing all of the movements of and openings for Corporate Counsel from the week prior across the globe. Movements tracked within the report include:

  • New Hires
  • Promotions within Legal Departments
  • Departures and Retirements
  • Temporary and Interim Positions
  • Movements from Law Firms to Organizations Outside of Legal
  • Movements from Organizations Outside of Legal back to Law Firms
  • Report includes full distribution rights across your firm.

Within each individual movement, subscribers are provided with the following details:

  • Name of the Losing and Gaining Firm or Organization
  • Losing and Gaining Organizations Industry
  •  Individual’s Name
  • Individuals New and Past Title
  • Link to the Individual’s LinkedIn Profile (if available)
  • Date of the Activity
  • Link to the Article or Release Detailing the Activity


Don’t Just See Who’s Moving. See What Jobs are Open Too.

The Manzama weekly Corporate Counsel Movement Report also details Corporate Counsel job openings across the globe listed by firms, organizations and legal recruiters. This added information can be the key to opening up a new client opportunity or going above and beyond with an existing client.


Want the Raw Data in Addition to the Report?

We’ve Got You Covered. Subscribers to the Manzama weekly Corporate Counsel Movement Report are given to an RSS feed that they can pipe into their own feed reader or client portal. They can also download the raw report data via excel and perform more detailed analysis of their own.

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