Concep and Manzama Announce Partnership 3 years ago

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Manzama and Concep announce partnership to benefit firms wanting to curate, combine and distribute proprietary and third-party content

Manzama and Concep are pleased to announce a new collaborative partnership using their combined technologies to create a seamless and streamlined way for firms to distribute both their own content and also to share relevant third-party content with their clients, prospects and employees too.

Professional Services firms positioning themselves as trusted advisors are increasingly sharing content from outside of the firm around important industry, market, and topical developments as well as creating their own thought-leadership and proprietary content for clients and prospects. At the same time, firms are developing their business development and go-to-market strategies informed by external content around emerging issues, industry trends, and market news.  The task of orchestrating the creation and distribution of this content from both internal and external sources and to myriad audiences can often be a challenge.

With intuitive search and sharing tools, simple implementation, and integrations into numerous best-in-class third-party platforms, Manzama automates the process of finding and sharing critical business insights. Working with marketing technology firm Concep, Manzama will now have the ability to push content automatically into Concep’s B2B relationship marketing platform so that it can be emailed either internally or externally to clients and prospects. This integration will benefit the mutual clients of both Manzama and Concep from a content marketing and thought-leadership perspective and easily give them relevant and timely information to share with their contacts.

Manzama’s Mark Hinkle explains how this would work from a technical perspective: “Manzama users can create an RSS feed from the results in the Manzama system around any issue or topic. That RSS feed and its results will then flow seamlessly into Concep’s system where it will populate a newsletter or email template designed to be sent to a designated contact list. There it can be combined with internally produced firm content, summarizations, or opinions if the firm so chooses. This integration and flow can be entirely automated, but also still allows for the curation of articles if desired.”

Concep’s Freddie Hustler added: “This integration could be a game-changer for many firms who are currently only able to automate the distribution of their own content. Giving our mutual clients the ability to combine their own content with third party content from an authoritative source and produce communications specifically geared around sharing these insights, has multiple benefits for our clients in professional services firms.”

About Manzama
Since 2010, Manzama has been the leading provider of current awareness and market intelligence solutions to professional service organizations around the globe. With intuitive search and sharing tools, user-friendly implementation, and integrations into numerous best-in-class third-party platforms, the Manzama Base and Manzama Insights platforms automate the process of finding and sharing critical business insights. Using sophisticated search algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, Manzama delivers critical insights that help teams better serve their clients, make informed business decisions, and support knowledge and business development initiatives. Visit

About Concep
Founded in 2002, Concep is a Martech firm that partners with firms who rely on high-value relationships to grow. They have a reputation for innovation in applying marketing technology, integration, knowledge and expertise to professional services firms.  Concep’s solutions allow firms to engage more deeply with clients, work smarter and invest resources where they have the most impact. Concep’s products automate manual processes, create insights and free up valuable resources, making marketing campaigns more measurable and more effective. Concep’s integration partners include Microsoft, Salesforce and LexisNexis InterAction. They have offices in London, New York and Sydney. Visit

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