Competitive Intelligence Tool

Keep watch over your Organization’s competitors and stay in the know.
Manzama Insights industry companies page within a computer for competitive intelligence tool

Gain a 30,000-foot view of companies and industries with our AI-powered, competitive intelligence tool.

Manzama Insights flips the CI tables with its competitive intelligence tool by providing users with an overview of positive and negative developments with competitors and industries.  Through the use of our industry and competitor health scores, scatter plots, and filtering, it’s easy to see who’s winning and who’s in crisis mode, and in what specific areas.

Manzama Insights industry health example for competitive intelligence tool

Uncover the health of industries and companies.

Through the use of our AI-driven health scores, users can determine the current health of industries or companies with a quick glance.  Manzama Insights leverages the latest available techniques in A.I. to read, analyze, and classify thousands of incoming articles and place them into six factors and twenty-five sub-factors. It also allocates valence scores to the articles which roll up to produce a health score for both individual companies and entire industries. This greatly reduces the normal amount of time it takes a user to search, sift and sort articles and instead allows them to spend that time on competitive analysis.

Pinpoint the articles that are affecting the health of a company.

Get to the articles that matter more quickly by utilizing our Story Timeline within Manzama Insights. Here you will discover the material articles that moved the health score needle and are worth your time to read and analyze. Better understand how individual stories relate to one another and come together into developing trends, opportunities, or risks.

manzama insights story timeline example for competitive intelligence tool
manzama base timeline example for competitive intelligence tool

Monitor competitor news and information.

Within Manzama Base, you’ll be able to monitor and gather competitive intelligence through the use of our competitor dashboard and email alerts. You can create highly focused searches in order to track exactly what you care about and have them cross-referenced against your entire list of competitors, or focus it on just one. The dashboard provides an overview of all of your competitor’s current news and the volume for the time frame selected. In addition, competitor articles can be delivered across your organization by automated email alerts or gathered together to build reports right inside of the platform. Manzama Base makes it easy to quickly discover, gather and share competitive intelligence throughout an organization.

Gain access to your competitor’s share-of-voice.

Manzama Base tracks the amount of information coming from all of your competitors and displays it in a convenient Share-Of-Voice chart. Within the detailed page of a competitor, it can be further broken down into showcasing the number of articles, blogs, filings, sources, and tweets the competitor is producing. With a simple click on the sections, you’ll be taken to the actual content making up that portion of the chart.

manzama base share of voice chart example for competitive intelligence tool


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