Choose Your Own Adventure

Purpose or Context-Driven Model

You have just turned onto a divided highway and see the name of the road is HWY “Purpose-Context Driven.” On your side of the highway, the marketing team is conducting business research and working with lawyers to develop appropriate strategies. On the other side of the highway, the library is handling legal research and the procurement of research resources.

At first, you wonder whether a divided highway was the right choice. Shouldn’t all research be done within the library? You begin to delve into this further and find that there is a fundamental difference between business research and legal research in both approach and deliverable; and each play an important role. A legal researcher is expected to deliver a large volume of research to support a lawyer in building a case, while a business researcher is expected to distill the research down into a few actionable nuggets of information.

Remember you get to decide. Is the Purpose-Context Driven the right road for your firm? Or are you wondering what the Collaborative Road looks like? To take a drive down the Collaborative Road, turn here. If you would like to stay on HWY Purpose-Context Driven, start by developing a clear roadmap with input from leadership, the marketing team and the library team to ensure you don’t end up lost or the victim of road rage. Cross the highway and have the conversations – it’s safe, we’re all on the same team with a shared goal of increasing client value and the firm’s bottom line.

business man has to decide between two ways