Choose Your Own Adventure

Collaborative Model

You see a billboard trying to entice you to get off at the next exit, called “Collaborative” road. The sign reads:

"It is important to demonstrate that we’re all working towards a common goal: actionable client intelligence that can be used to support business development and grow revenue."
Lisa Simon, Chief Client Development Officer at Lathrop & Gage

The marketing works, and you get off at the exit. You quickly see that the road you’re on looks very different from others you have been on. You find professionals from different disciplines working together to find solutions. Here the research function resides in the library, but librarians work closely with you, the marketing team, to define research parameters—and in some cases, perform analysis. The information the librarians collect is passed along to your team to further curate the data and strategize with lawyers.

It’s easy to see that this road was under construction for quite awhile, but seeing the results, you know that it was worth all of the bumps along the way to make it happen.

A sign along the road reads:

"Client development professionals know quite a bit about lawyer and group goals, and researchers know more about what lawyers do on a day-to-day basis, through research requests; collaboration between the professionals leads to powerful results for lawyers and their clients."
Lisa Smith, Head of Knowledge Services at DWF

You decide that you’re on the right path and want to continue to build the infrastructure to support a Collaborative Model. It will likely take quite a few engineers, a lot of bridges, and likely be pitfalls along the way. You boldly move forward and begin to put together your project plan.