Capitalizing on the Graph Spikes for Successful BD 7 years ago

By Merry Neitlich, Managing Partner, Extreme Marketing

Recently, while working with a specialty practice area boutique law firm with 40 attorneys, we tapped on Manzama once again to assist us with finding a poignant point of entry to reach the General Counsels of Fortune 500 firms. Combining the knowledge that larger corporations are increasingly working with smaller firms and are also consistently looking for value-based service, we developed a custom and targeted program to reach these larger companies which were prospects for the law firm.

With a narrowly targeted topic and date-range Manzama search in place, we were able to examine the news spikes to find out just what the hottest and most relevant topics were in this area of the law. The clients read the appropriate articles and we worked together to create a short list of questions the partners would use to interview the General Counsels or appropriate in-house counsels.

We had authorization from a major publication to write an interview article on this pre-approved topic. We laid out the parameters of the article with the editor ahead of time. We were then ready to contact these in-house counsels to see if they were interested in being interviewed for the article in this publication. The partners worked together to create the final set of interview questions. Each partner was tasked with contacting pre-selected companies’ in-house counsels to set up an interview time. The partners got a very positive reaction and ultimately got sufficient responses to the interview questions to produce an articulate article ready for publication.

Of course this entry point, the interviews, were just the first contact of many that this process allowed for. The firm is currently finalizing the article and getting ready for next follow up steps. The firm also plans to repurpose this article by blogging about it and placing it on their website.

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