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We’re half way through the fourth quarter of this year, 2015, and like the team here at Manzama, I’m sure many of you our peers and clients in the legal industry and at law firms across the country and globe have your business development hats on and are leveraging every tactic and tool you can to meet revenue goals for the quarter and year. In my two plus decades in the legal industry, both at law firms and with tech companies serving law firms, I’ve found that there truly is an art and a science to business development. Further, I’ve found that the better the science, the more artful one can be when pitching a prospective client or selling a technology or service. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of the ways I believe legal professionals can better the science aspect of business development through the use of Manzama as a core platform for developing better client and competitive intelligence, current awareness and ultimately a more comprehensive understanding of the landscape in which an organization operates. Below is the first of a series of posts I plan to drop each week through the end of the year.

Business Development Post #1 – Let’s talk about the stuff that you know GC’s care about

I often get asked, “can I use Manzama to learn what my clients care about?” Short answer – absolutely.  A professional can simply search on topics like “people on the move” or “GC Movement” to get a sense of movement and activity within an organization. Using Manzama, I can quickly identify the top issues that GCs care about based on how often they are referenced in conversations (blog posts, twitter, news, etc.). And with these topics now identified, shouldn’t I talk with my marketing staff about what we as an organization are doing to communicate our understanding of our these issues to our clients and prospects? Note, you can download our full GC report here and receive weekly updates on GC movement by signing up for our weekly newsletter. Stay tuned, next week I’ll continue the dialogue and share how you might use Manzama to understand how you measure up in terms of “thought leadership” in and around these topics vs. your competitors. Until then, happy hunting.


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