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We’re all familiar with the problem: There’s simply too much information. An executive can easily have dozens, even hundreds of clients, former clients, and prospects they’re expected to be knowledgable on AND be monitoring for new leads and opportunities. This can add up to tens, even potentially hundreds of new articles per day. To cope with the volume many are forced to triage the data, focusing on an artificially small number of companies which in turn artificially narrows the field of opportunity.

Manzama Insights can help you avoid data triaging and monitor all of your clients and prospects to maximize lead generation. Using artificial intelligence and big data analytics, Insights collects and analyzes company and industry news so you don’t have to. It then translates the data into easy to understand and follow corporate health metrics. So instead of wading through a deluge of articles trying to separate what’s important and what’s not, Insights intelligently does the work for you, allowing you to quickly scan health metrics instead of headlines, stopping only to investigate those with health alerts or those with unexpected health trends.

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For instance, if there’s a major health change in M&A metrics like the one Tilray saw recently, the Insights Dashboard will alert you of it. Insights’ research tools will then help you quickly hone in on news of their announced purchase of Manitoba Harvest. The analytics also provides context for the event, such as magnitude and duration in the news cycle. Additionally, Insights’ can help you anticipate and monitor how other parts of the company, like management, shareholders, or regulatory, could suffer or benefit from the merger in the coming days and months.

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And just as important as knowing which companies to focus on, Insights also lets you know which may not require the same level of attention at this time. This doesn’t mean there wasn’t any news for those other companies. It just means their recent business news did not move the needle across any of Insights’ 25 corporate health metrics.

To get the most out of Manzama Insights, download the Quick Reference Guide. Also, reach out to our Client Success team at support@manzama.com.

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