Manzama Announces New Name and New Product 2 years ago

Manzama Announces New Name and New Product

Manzama, a global leader in market intelligence and current awareness for professional services firms, has changed the name of its AI-powered analytics platform, Manzama Signals, to Manzama Insights and will begin referring to the original Manzama market intelligence platform as Manzama Base.

“We believe that the name Manzama Insights is reflective of the way that our early-adopter clients have been using the platform, which is to find deeper insights about companies and industries than what can be found by monitoring the day-to-day news”, observed Peter Ozolin, Manzama CEO. “Changing the name of the original platform is also reflective of the way the two products interact: Manzama Base provides the foundation for Manzama Insights today and will be the foundation for all subsequent product development.”

Concurrent to the name changes, Manzama has also announced the upcoming release of its new Publishing platform. “Our clients in library/information services and in marketing have been asking us for some time to help them strengthen both their current awareness distribution processes and their content marketing initiatives,” commented Allison Nussbaum, Chief Client Officer. “The new Publishing platform will support both use cases, enabling curated content to be easily sourced and shared with both internal and external audiences. We are very excited for its release.”

Since 2010, Manzama has been the leading provider of current awareness and market intelligence to professional service organizations around the globe. With intuitive search and sharing tools, user-friendly implementation, and integrations into numerous best-in-class third-party platforms, the Manzama Base and Manzama Insights platforms automate the process of finding and sharing critical business insights. Using sophisticated search algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, Manzama delivers highly customized news and information that helps teams better serve their clients, make informed business decisions, and support knowledge and business development initiatives.

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