A Tale of Two Firms: Manzama Tools Increase Value Through Client Service and Trust 3 years ago

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A K&L Gates partner outshined their client’s PR Firm by offering them a weekly report created with Manzama’s best current awareness service and publishing tools. The sample current awareness report won them new business and strengthened their client relationship.

Challenges Law Firms Face:
  • Competitive, client-driven business climate
  • Client demand for increased business expertise and insights
  • Finding the best information amid a sea of sources and alerts
  • Need for stronger client relationships resulting in new business

How Can Firms Excel in the New Legal Landscape?

For the law firm in today’s world, being a trusted provider of legal services often is no longer enough. The marketplace has become increasingly competitive for legal services, and law firms are constantly seeking ways to stand out from the competition by providing a deeper level of value to their clients. Clients now not only expect firms to be good providers of legal services, but also to be informed advisors that help identify risks, trends and opportunities that could gain them a competitive advantage, or help them to avoid pitfalls and risks.

Through its powerful searches that hone information sources down to the most valuable, relevant nuggets, and user-friendly publishing tools, Manzama gives firms the ability to find and deliver advantageous information efficiently into the hands of their clients. The K&L Gates case below illustrates how leveraging Manzama on behalf of their clients allowed the firm to provide additional high value service to their clients.

“As soon I learned that one of our clients was unhappy with the company they used to monitor news, I raised my hand and said “I’ve got just the thing! I quickly put together a prototype report and sent it to the lawyer, who then sent it to the client for their comments. Those comments must have been favorable because the client terminated their relationship with their PR firm on the spot.”

– Stephanie Dooley, Firmwide Manager of Business Intelligence, K&L Gates

Manzama Solutions:
  • Provide Best In Class Intelligence: Superior, customizable search capabilities
  • Enhance Client Support/Services: User-friendly publishing & sharing tools
  • Increase Efficiency: Responsive, innovative features and tools save time
  • Drive Increased Revenues: Better value to clients brings larger “share of wallet”

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