Lateral Moves Mean Business: Manzama’s Lateral Moves Intelligence Reports Deliver Key Decision-Making Information 3 years ago

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By Allison Nussbaum, Senior Vice President of Manzama Client Services

We’ve witnessed the trend toward firms looking to lateral hires as a key growth strategy. With firms in a pressure cooker to constantly compete for new business, the practice of making strategic, “good” hires has become common practice–hires that bring with them a cache of client relationships, and traction in industries identified for emerging business growth opportunities. But a firm can only be as effective as the information that it uses to make these hires. And, when the information used to make lateral hire decisions is incomplete or too-broad, sometimes the hire ends up not being as fruitful as anticipated. Recruiting, BD, Marketing and the like spend hours of resources researching and monitoring for opportunities–geographical areas, practices and industries–also need to identify their potential recruits who have expertise in those areas.

Identify Influencers

If you’re facing these common challenges at your firm, you can appreciate how important it is to acquire the most accurate data for competitive intelligence that both identifies these emerging opportunities, as well as the key GCs and C-level executives who can serve as the inroads to build new business there. Manzama has been leading the way in helping firms do multi-faceted monitoring to meet these goals–saving valuable staff time and resources. By identifying experts and thought leaders in specific areas, and honing searches to specific topics, Manzama can reveal what voices are active and valued, and who possesses the strongest relationship equity to effectively bring that client confidence to your firm.  

If you monitor these attributes with Manzama’s intelligence services as part of your due diligence hiring process, you are ahead of many firms who may miss the critical importance of assessing the quality and nature of your potential hires’ client relationships.

Your Advantage: Manzama Intelligence Platform and Reports

Manzama has consistently outperformed in producing competitive information that can give you highly relevant, and timely insight into the client influence your potential hires may have–and the lack or abundance of value they could bring to your firm.

Here are a few unique ways Manzama acts as your intelligence secret weapon to reveal key players in your targeted topic areas:   

• Highly Specialized Manzama Content Platform Searches

Robust conceptual searches, filters and analytics of Manzama’s rich free and paid news and social media platform make complex searching easy and produce high-relevancy results that let you track topics, monitor markets and industries and spot opportunities–usually well ahead of your competitors.

• Analyst-prepared, Industry leading Lateral Movement Reports

The next tier of Manzama offense are analyst-prepared, curated reports that give you some of the best, detailed information on GC and C-level executive movements–the comings and goings of key individuals in law firms, corporations and other worldwide organizations. Tracking weekly movements by firms and regions, our team of industry-experienced intelligence analysts gives you the most real-time developments– a powerful tool to assess and act quickly when opportunities arise. View a sample Premium Intelligence Report:
Lateral Movement Report
Canadian Market Report
UK Market Report
Cannabis Market Report

• Customized Intelligence Reports

Your final, ultimate weapon are completely customized intelligence reports. Working closely with a Manzama Intelligence Services analyst, you determine the focus needed for your firm. From tracking key people movements to in-depth company analysis, these reports give you a comprehensive view, with personally prepared analyses specific to your business development initiatives, lateral hire strategy and competitors– either yours or your client’s. Delivering a huge return on investment by bringing the right people to your firm, these affordable solutions give you an information advantage, all while saving time and resources.

alisonBWAbout Allison Nussbaum: Allison is Manzama’s Senior Vice President of Client Services and is focused on supporting our clients throughout the successful implementation, deployment and use of the Manzama platform. With 20+ years’ experience in the business of law firms, Allison brings a unique blend of experiences to the position. Prior to joining Manzama, Allison held senior-level business development positions at two AMLAW 100 law firms, where she focused on coaching and business planning with attorneys at every level. Prior to her law firm business development roles, Allison was the National Account Manager for Interface Software and managed a regional sales team for Lexis-Nexis.

Allison is an alumna of Georgetown University and University of New Hampshire School of Law and is a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association. She is a frequent presenter at industry events, having spoken on topics such as creating a sales culture in law firms, successful collaboration strategies for Marketing and Information Professionals, and the use of technology in law firm business development.

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