Manzama Sponsors Multi-Conference Event on Sept. 29 in London, UK 4 years ago

Manzama Sponsors Multi-Conference Event on Sept. 29 in London, UK

Join Mark Hinkle and Anthony Roberts as they represent Manzama at Ark Group’s multi-conference event for the legal industry in London, United Kingdom. The dual conference will be showcasing Professional Support Lawyers and Legal Librarians. Here’s a brief synopsis of the two conferences:

Professional Support Lawyer 2016
Optimising your role as a gatekeeper of excellence
In a legal environment where clients are demanding more and more from law firms, there is increasing pressure for law firms to reduce cost and deliver an improved service.

As a legal professional at the heart of day-to-day knowledge regarding business development, case law, sharing up-to-date knowledge with the team and helping partners prepare for and deliver pitches, professional support lawyers (PSLs) face a wide range of challenges every day.

But with challenges like these, opportunities aren’t far away. PSLs are close enough to the detail that comprises client service that enables them to add value, streamline processes and share knowledge in new and innovative ways.

Could you benefit from understanding how you can add value to your role as a PSL? Or perhaps you want to uncover how to streamline the work you do and expand your core competencies?

Professional Support Lawyer 2016 can help you.

Focusing on how PSLs can optimise their role and further prove ROI to the firm, this conference is your chance to benchmark success.

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Legal Libraries 2016
Delivering value in an evolving role

The role of the librarian working in a law firm has always been a central support role. And in today’s increasingly competitive market, this role is evolving to encompass more responsibility, more opportunity for collaboration, and crucially, a chance to add more value to your firm.

What is driving the evolution of the law librarian? The answer is technology. The legal sector is embracing technology on a vast scale and services are being commoditised through automation. Innovative use of technology within a library has the power to reduce cost, circulate information and knowledge more effectively and to generally streamline knowledge-sharing processes.

With this in mind, how are these changes affecting the day-to-day role of the law librarian? And how can librarians stay on top of technological developments?

Legal Libraries 2016 can help you.

Now in its 8th year, this one-day conference is designed to help you track the development of this rapidly evolving role, and to help you grasp the key skills and competencies that are expected of a modern and embedded librarian.

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