AALL Talks Outsourcing, Competitive Intelligence in New Issue of Spectrum 4 years ago

By: Kristie Robertson JD, MLIS

I always look forward to the arrival of my issue of Spectrum from AALL and the September/October issue did not disappoint. There are two articles that really caught my eye, especially now that I have joined Manzama, but that would have been very interesting to me in my prior role in a law firm. If you haven’t seen them, I think you might want to check them out.

Let’s face it, all librarians worry about Outsourcing. We know that it’s a business strategy that firm management has embraced, but for those of us in the profession, it’s a challenging proposition. Outsourcing Law Libraries has thirteen great strategies you can implement in your firm to avoid being outsourced.

As we all think about how we can retool our skills and you think about how to add even more value to your firm, Competitive Intelligence and Your Library has ten best practices for starting or growing a CI department in your firm.

The good news is, if you’re already using Manzama, you’re off to a great start. Some of the points listed in the outsourcing article that lead firms to consider that strategy were failing to build a digital library, not providing business research and intelligence, and insufficient support of the business of law.

You can use the Manzama platform to develop all three of these strategies.

  • Put your premium sources into Manzama and assign them directly to the clients who want to see them.
  • Business research is easy with the link with BoardEx, where you can get preliminary information on any company’s key people.
  • Use the business of law search which will help you save valuable time.

Resource Constrained? (Who isn’t?!) Manzama Intelligence Services can provide you with an analyst to develop your CI strategies and create reports on your behalf. Manzama can also be used to deliver focused, actionable intelligence to all members of your firm. Whether curating in depth reports, to as-it-happens updates, Manzama is the perfect tool to use in your Competitive Intelligence department. For those of you who want to monitor the comings and goings of executives, general counsel and, lateral hires at companies and organizations around the world, we can help you with that too.

Bottom line: There are so many ways that Manzama can help. Give me a call and we can talk it through.

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