Manzama Partners with Acquire Media to Deliver Premium Content Offering 4 years ago

Manzama and Acquire Media today announce the formation of a content partnership that will enable Manzama clients to access the breadth of Acquire Media’s premium subscription-based sources available through Acquire Media’s flagship platform . “At Manzama we have always understood that the worlds of premium, subscription-based content and content found on the open web would have to converge,” commented Manzama’s Director of Content, Scott Mercer. “Information is king, and while public sources provide critical insights, many high-value publications that remain behind a pay wall are also of critical importance to our clients.”

“With our partnership with Acquire Media, our clients will gain access to its rich content, and when combined with Manzama’s 70,000+ curated content feeds, it creates a powerful combination that will enable users across the enterprise to benefit from current news and actionable information relative to their clients and trending topics”, addedPeter Ozolin, CEO of Manzama.

Acquire Media has over 25 years of content aggregation experience and long-standing relationships with the world’s leading business news and media outlets.  “Acquire Media is proud of its carefully curated and accurately tagged real-time streaming news collection that we make available through NewsEdge”, notes CEO Brad Scher.  “We are pleased to share it with all distribution channels that are strong enough to showcase it properly, and Manzama certainly qualifies.  We are happy to count Manzama as a partner.”

Look for Manzama and Acquire Media to announce joint product offerings and promotions in 2016.

About Manzama: Manzama is a next-generation content discovery platform, specifically designed for legal professionals, that mines and analyzes vast amounts of business and legal-related news and information and delivers customized, consolidated, and highly relevant intelligence to each individual across the firm. Manzama gives its users a knowledge advantage by making the process of finding and sharing powerful insights easy.

About Acquire Media: Acquire Media is an advanced technology company devoted to delivering breaking news and multimedia in formats that make the content usable and searchable for business professionals in need of reliable information. Acquire Media has clients in the digital publishing and financial services communities who depend on speedy delivery, cutting-edge technology, reliable 24×7 support, and an ability to handle multiple formats. A variety of delivery options are available for content from thousands of news sources. More than half-a-million news articles daily are aggregated and optimized in near-real time to provide valuable insights and intelligence to business leaders throughout the world. On the Web:

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