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“This is the fourth post in a five part series on Competitive Intelligence and Business Development. Check out the first post “What General Counsels Care About”, the second post “Analyze how you stack up!” and the third post “How Being Aware of Lateral Movements Can Lead to New Revenue” to catch up on this can’t miss series covering key areas of competitive intelligence and business development with Manzama Co-Founder and CEO, Peter Ozolin.

Week # 4: Rumors, Rumors and More Rumors – Spotting What Others May Not to Generate New Opportunities

The problem with mainstream media, is well, it’s mainstream media. Once an event hits the Wall Street Journal, it’s not exactly “actionable” news anymore. Informative yes, but not actionable. To uncover truly meaningful and actionable insights one must get ahead of a trend and/or development in and around a company, industry, topic, etc. This is where Manzama becomes an invaluable tool. Within our content discovery platform, we have a search filter we refer to as “rumor mill”. The filter, when applied against a company, industry, topic, or competitor often surfaces stories and insights that are not exactly major events, yet, and mainstream media has yet to report on the development. The results of this search often present a perfect opportunity to share this sort of information with a partner, client team or whatever business development objective your firm or organization is pursuing. Below is an example of one such search, filtered by industries I care about.

blog-4-screenHappy hunting and stay tuned for next week’s post covering business development and competitive intelligence strategies and tactics.

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