Manzama Announces Partnership With LexBlog Network 5 years ago


Selling legal services has never been more challenging. The pressure to differentiate yourself or your firm from the competition is intense. To drive business development and strengthen client relationships, legal professionals must position themselves as thought leaders by growing and demonstrating their knowledge about the clients, industries, and practice areas they serve.

Manzama today announced its partnership with The LexBlog Network, a service of Lexblog Inc. Manzama’s core mission is to help legal professionals to stay in the know with personalized, up-to-the-minute intelligence about the topics that matter to them, and the LexBlog Network’s editors are publishing the top stories of the day, calling out trending topics and lighting up the social media channels. This powerful partnership between two leading companies in content discovery and sharing will enable legal professionals who are looking to increase authentic online engagement to do so more easily.

“Partnering with LexBlog is a no-brainer.  Kevin and his team have done a terrific job building the world’s largest blogging platform for legal professionals.  Our job at Manzama is to help lawyers and business professionals uncover insights and stay abreast of information they need, be it about a client, practice, industry or any other sort of content that can help support their business objectives.  From there, it’s on the lawyer to act, and that includes establishing a social media footprint to appropriately communicate and position themselves and their firms to achieve their desired outcomes, that’s where LexBlog’s expertise adds value.  Bottom line, we put the “content” in Content Marketing, and LexBlog is the machine that enables content marketing to occur.”- Peter Ozolin, CEO and Co-founder Manzama.

“We’ve always been a strong advocate for lawyers to deeply listen to gain in-depth knowledge of what’s happening in the world in both their practice area and the competitive corporate landscape. The resulting awareness drives better blogging that can drive powerful business development for firms. Partnering with Manzama just makes sense as the synergy between information and blogging is a natural fit for lawyers and law firms. I’m excited to see what we can do together.” -Kevin O’Keefe, CEO of LexBlog

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