Use Cases

Discover how Manzama can be used in your organization.

Current Awareness

Automate the discovery and delivery of news and information about the topics that matter most. Manzama Alerts are personalized for every individual user and pull from an extensive array of web sources including major news publications, professional service firms, regulatory agencies, industry publications, business and law journals, blogs and more. Layer in subscription sources for an even more robust experience.

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Source Management

Consolidate and manage all of your sources in one platform.  Manzama gives you the power to blend your subscription sources with the thousands of public sources accessed by the platform.  Assign sources to certain individuals, teams, or organization-wide, and control the importance of sources, whether pushing articles from certain sources higher up in search results or by excluding certain sources.  Reduce the volume of emails to users by merging other alerts into each user’s personalized Manzama daily email alert.

Curation and Publishing

Create custom newsletters and alerts with Manzama’s publishing and sharing tools. Curate or automate the collection of articles within Manzama for inclusion in newsletters, and add external content, images, or files as needed.  Circulate branded newsletters to internal or external audiences on a one-off basis or through scheduled deployment. Train users on the platform’s various sharing tools to increase visibility across social networks or to increase client touch-points.

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Competitive Intelligence

Advance competitive intelligence initiatives and conduct competitor research. Manzama automates the gathering of competitive information, business news and social media using a powerful search and analytics engine designed to find, analyze, and disseminate intelligence to help drive results within your organization.

Opportunity & Risk Spotting

Use Manzama’s trending tools and sophisticated search capabilities to help spot opportunities and risks.  Identify emerging markets or issues around which to develop new focus or services.  Stay current on clients and prospects in order to understand their needs, and to be proactive when potential opportunities or risks surface.  Take advantage of Manzama’s pre-built, conceptual searches and filters covering thousands of companies, competitors, topics, industries, practices, and geographies.  Create your own searches using advanced search functionality, including Boolean, or mix and match with Manzama’s search library.

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Content Delivery

Seamlessly integrate content from Manzama using RSS, SharePoint or custom API. Engage your portal users with focused content and important information relating to specific practices, industries, and clients. Push content to external-facing extranets, websites or CRM solutions like Salesforce or OnePlace.


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