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AI Powered Market Intelligence

Manzama Signals™, our patent-pending technology, is designed to help organizations leapfrog the competition by using proprietary algorithms to identify indicators and themes from the deluge of web content that signal opportunities and risks around individual companies and industry sectors. Signals employ’s data-driven models to better inform an organization’s competitive intelligence, business development, and sales efforts, and strategic decision making.

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Read Less, Know More

Signals articles will represent about a 70% reduction in total articles worth looking at.  Stories and Storylines will summarize articles, reducing what needs to be read another 90%.

Identify Client Need

Signals Corporate Health Scorecard will provide a comprehensive understanding and evaluation of significant issues that may or are impacting a company and/or an industry, resulting in a more accurate assessment of where to turn your focus or provide your services.

Accelerate Opportunities & Prioritize Targets

Through intelligent targeting and analysis, Signals gives professionals more reliable ways to quickly spot and target companies at risk, or potentially in need of your products and services.

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Monitor Company Health

To help save time and effort, Manzama Signals™ analyzes company content and categorizes it into six main groups: Management, Financials, Products & Services, Operations, Partners & Competitors, and Government. It rates each piece of content, which then gives the overall health of the specific category. All of the category health scores are tallied, producing the overall Signals Corporate Health Scorecard. It’s an easy to understand snapshot of the company and indicates where the company is doing well, and where the company may have exposure.

How Manzama Signals™ Works

manzama insights factors and subfactors

Signals reviews each article about a company, ignores the irrelevant stuff, and focuses only on stories that impact corporate health. Each story is classified by 6 Factors and 26 Sub-factors, and whether they positively or negatively impact the company.

Analyzing all of the “signaled” articles, Signals is able to create a Health Score for each company and each of its factors. This quickly tells you who’s doing well, who’s not, and what factors are weighing them down or boosting their outlook.

health score

A company’s Health Score can be measured over time and compared against an individual health factor.

health score trend

Each company’s Health Score can be plotted on an industry matrix, giving you quick view into who’s healthy and who’s a risk.

manzama insights health matrix
manzama insights combined stories

Signals clusters articles to create to distinct Story-lines. Story-lines are then plotted in the Story Timeline showing volume, what’s positively or negatively impacting corporate health, and how the Story-lines have progressed and changed over time. The Story Timeline quickly identifies trends and anomalies getting you to the heart of risks and opportunities.

Manzama Signals™ Features

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Intelligently Target and Focus Your Business Development Efforts

A given company may experience only a dozen or so events in a year that truly impact its health or alter its future. Instead of manually sifting through thousands of articles and hundreds of sources, looking for those events, Signals brings them to the forefront and highlights their importance.  Signals’ data analytics lets you focus on your client, your industry, and easily understand: What are the events happening now and into the future that will positively or negatively impact a company or industry’s health? And more importantly, what are the actions I can take to best help my client or prospect?

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Leverage Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Signals combs the sea of social media and Internet data, looking for news about your companies and your industries. Using data analytics and machine learning, Signals filters out the noise and focuses only on articles that impact industry or corporate health. Each article is classified across 6 Factors and 26 Subfactors and identified as positively or negatively impacting corporate health.

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Monitor Industry and Company Health

Leveraging data analytics, Signals can quickly tell you: How is this company or industry doing? Is it healthy or at risk? In which factor of the company or industry is it struggling or excelling? Signals will let you: Track health scores over time, across multiple companies and industries. Predict future movement, risks, and opportunities. Dive deep into its 26 Subfactors, like Regulation, Product Liability, Executive Movements, Labor, etc.  You can further focus the data on Litigation, Rumors, or Opinions.

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Create Company Dossier and Quickly Share Insights

Signals easily outputs a company dossier, giving you everything you need to know about how a company is faring, and which aspects of the company are at risk or excelling. The Signals Company Dossier comes complete with health indicators, charts, and impactful Storylines for each health factor. Also, you can enhance your content marketing by sharing insightful and actionable articles via social media or email.


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