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manzama base content aggregation and publishing tool

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Manzama Base sets the bar when it comes to finding crucial information for your organization. Analyzing over 80,000 sources and feeds against your specified topics and interests, Manzama Base is the perfect content aggregation tool for current awareness, thought leadership, content publishing, and competitive intelligence needs.

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Monitored Sources & Feeds


Articles Indexed Daily


Pre Built Searches and Filters

Clients within the NLJ 350

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Buy Soma Us To Us

With Manzama Base, all of your organization’s sources, news content, and users are consolidated within one platform. It gives you the power to blend your subscription sources with the thousands of public sources currently accessed by the platform. Administrative and user management features make it easy to group sources and content and deliver key news and information to individuals and teams across the organization.

Share content inside and outside of the organization.

Knowledge is a vital tool that helps build client relations and win new accounts. Manzama Base gives you the power to find actionable content and insights and then share them across the organization and beyond to clients and prospects demonstrating that you are on top of the ever-changing dynamics of topics that you are following, or industry trends that you are tracking.

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And if that wasn't enough... THERE'S MORE

Check out some of our other features

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Client Success Team

Our dedicated staff is here to help you succeed and to help you with any questions you might have

Profile Builder

Individual profiles are quick and easy to create with our streamlined profile builder

Boolean Search

Boolean Search provides researchers with the ability to precisely expand or restrict searches

Create RSS Feeds

Convert your Manzama news into a RSS stream that you can implement how ever you wish

Robust Analytics

Monitor the share-of-voice and mentions of any group of clients or competitors and see which one is winning

System Integrations

Pipe information into any of your key internal systems like CRM, Extranets, Micro-sites, or Portals.

Publish It

Keep your followers knee deep in content with social sharing, custom newsletters, PDF’s or emails


Take a quick guided tour of Manzama and discover just how easy it is to stay current.