One-Third of Texas Law Firm Leaders Say They Are Open to Merger Talks 
A new survey finds that 82 percent of Texas law firm leaders have been approached over the last year about a potential combination, and 32 percent say they are open to considering it.
Texas Lawyer on Mar 8, 2018

How Law Firm Social Norms Affect Culture 
Invisible forces drive what we do every day. No, I am not talking about those forces we see in sci-fi movies, but real forces brought on by social norms. This was the topic of the keynote at the Legal Marketing Association Northeast conference last fall. Presenter Jeff Leitner discussed the …
Jaffe PR Blog on Mar 7, 2018

Aggressive billing rates at elite law firms pay off 
Top law firms are seeing big returns from aggressive billing rate rises.
Global Legal Post on Mar 2, 2018

Since the economic downturn in 2008, law firms of all sizes have struggled — and most have failed — to maintain profits at levels existing prior to the market’s near-collapse.
Michigan Lawyers Weekly on Feb 23, 2018
 Law Firm Leadership is Like Walking the Dogs 
On a recent business trip to Latin America I witnessed an interesting everyday event that directly speaks to the value of leadership when…
Law Vision Insights on Feb 16, 2018
Why “knowledge sharing” cannot replace “knowledge management” Can we use the term “knowledge sharing” as better replacement for the term “Knowledge Management? There are two good reasons not to do so. image from Wikimedia Commons The terminology debate continues to rumble on in the KM world, with many people preferring …
Knoco Stories Nick Milton, Jan 26, 2018
I recently finished a review of the 2018 version of the Georgetown University Law Center’s Report on the State of the Legal Market. Although the report contains numerous quantitative facts reflecting continued struggles for the law firm services market (falling productivity, realization and profit margins), I was intrigued by the …
Lexblog Network, Jan 17, 2018
Mergers between law firms reached an all-time high in 2017 thanks in part to generational shifts in firm leadership and a rapidly evolving legal landscape, but don’t expect the legal merger market to slow down as consolidation in the industry looks set to keep rolling. Earlier this month, legal consultant …
Law360 – Legal Industry, Jan 17, 2018
Learn how Cognitive Computing is changing the Knowledge Management landscape in this latest webinar
KM World, Jan 16, 2018
From mergers to technology and the changing role of lawyers, management at firms including HSF, Ashurst and Simmons on the key trends for the year ahead
Legal Week – International Law News, Jan 3, 2018
The major law firm mergers just kept coming in 2017, with Dentons, Norton Rose Fulbright and Womble Carlyle each bolting on hundreds of attorneys through tie-ups, and the legal industry as a whole experiencing 95 combinations as of Dec. 6, according to one count. Even before concluding, 2017 has already …
Law360 – Legal Industry, Dec 12, 2017
In less than 20 years, Google has transformed everything from advertising to workplace collaboration. But undoubtedly its most notable impact has been on how people find information. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day and over 2 trillion searches per year worldwide, according to the most recent estimates. The …
Law360 – Expert Analysis, Dec 12, 2017
We know that law librarians lack status is the status-obsessed legal academy. Some could argue that this is a gender equity problem with females making up the overwhelming majority of law librarians (another post for another time).But the lack of status also confers a lack of academic freedom to engage …
Justia – Recent Law Librarian Posts, Dec 7, 2017
For law firm leaders closing in on the end of 2017, there is no rest for the weary. They are working hard to finish the year off well. Collecting bills, distributing profits, retaining talent are just a few of the things on their to-do lists. Even if 2017 turns out …
Lexblog Network, Dec 6, 2017
A general sense of malaise and unhappiness and a lack of motivation can set in when lawyers overextend themselves, are repeatedly bombarded with stressful situations, or fail to create a balance between work and the rest of their lives. And in some cases, that malaise is a symptom of a …
Law360 – Legal Industry, Dec 4, 2017
The Law Firm Disrupted: A Big Law Leader Sees Tech as a Threat
Winston & Strawn chairman Thomas Fitzgerald has a lot to say about the degree to which his firm has already stratified; the threat technology poses to the future of the Big Law business model; and how to respond to the competition created by alternative legal service providers.
Dec. 1 via The American Lawyer
One More Time: Law Firm Libraries Are Not About the Space
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash In 1995, a law firm was approached by one of its major clients to open an office in the city where the client’s headquarters was located. The law firm really didn’t want to expand into a new region of the country, where it had …
Nov 28 via 3 Geeks and a Law Blog
The Potential Risks of “Senior” Leadership 
Many law firm leadership teams are making key decisions today that will determine the long-term success or failure of their firms.
Oct. 27 via Law Vision Insights
The billable hour is the oldest revenue structure the legal profession knows. The structure, where an attorney spends a disclosed amount of time on your…
Oct. 25 via Intellectual Property Brief


Engage! A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing – Seven Steps for Promoting Law Firm Video 
10/21/2017 Engage! A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing – Seven Steps for Promoting Law Firm Video Adam Stock and Stefanie Knapp in Engage! A Lawyer’s guide to Social Media Marketing
Oct. 22 via Allen Matkins – Business Opportunities


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