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With the increasing importance of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, in-depth analysis of governance risks and opportunities are essential for organizations to stay ahead of issues and remain confident regarding the management and stewardship of corporate boards.

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With increased shareholder activism and heightened awareness of corporate governance practices, companies and their boards face greater scrutiny than ever before. Organizations need access to accurate, comprehensive data and easy-to-use tools to preserve good governance oversight and maintain a competitive advantage.

Enhance Your Service Offering and Unlock Business Development Opportunities

Improve efficiency and perform deep dives on corporate governance practices to continually add value, differentiate and provide top quality services and systems. Uncover new connections and find the most effective way to establish relationships with new targets.

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With Over 1 Billion Data Points and Powerful Algorithms, CGLytics is Utilized by Leading Organizations and Advisors.

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Take a quick guided tour of Manzama and discover just how easy it is to stay current.