Manzama Insights Tip: Cutting Through the Noise to the Insights


Insights is all about helping you focus on what’s important and do it quickly and efficiently without having to search for and read everything under the sun. Case in point, let’s look at Volkswagen over a 90-day period.

manzama insights storyline of volkswagen

During that period, they were mentioned in over twelve thousand open web articles. Insights’ AI automatically processed them (so you didn’t have to), focusing only on those stories relevant to VW’s corporate health. Insights then classified, organized, and quantified the stories into easy to understand health metrics. (See the charts above and below.)

manzama insights health score of volkswagen

With all of VW’s data now pre-processed, you’re free to focus on the implications of the data and identify leads and opportunities. You can dive deeper and parse VW’s health across 25 key indicators. For instance, their Operations score is currently +8 or very healthy. Want to understand the basis for this score? Insights’ analytic tools will help you quickly identify the relevant stories in the last 90 days, allowing you to focus on the connection between the events and what they say about the future.

manzama insights analysis of volkswagen

Additionally, consider VW’s healthy +8 Operations score with their relatively healthy +3 Financial score (due to strong Q3 profits), their moderately risky -4 Government score (due to the diesel emissions scandal), and their strong +8 Partners score (due to the Ford/VW alliance). Taken together, Insights’ health metrics can help you quickly build a compelling narrative on where this company is now, where they’re going, and what risks and opportunities lie ahead.


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