Manzama Delivers Transformative Approach to Market Intelligence Through New Grouping Technology

manzama grouping example

Manzama announced today the delivery of new proprietary technology building on its industry-leading reputation of helping professionals to find actionable insights more quickly. This new technology, called Manzama Grouping, acts to cluster similar or different versions of articles that cover the same underlying event. The changes reflect Manzama’s continued commitment to arm professionals with critical information that requires less time to digest and understand.

“We are now doing a more complex analysis on all articles in our system that will cluster similar articles about the same story,” Manzama’s Data Scientist, Andrew Duchon explains. “This allows the end user to spend less time weeding through many results to understand what’s important”.

More Relevant Articles. Fewer Duplications.

This new functionality addresses a common issue faced with current awareness and market intelligence: different versions of the same story, and redundant articles from different sources, which cover or discuss the same development. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence techniques, Manzama’s technology now understands that different versions of a story are really about the same narrative, and will group the mass of “similar” articles together while maintaining the ability to expand the group to view all of the articles if desired. Manzama Grouping allows users to more quickly review a wider range of topics with fewer duplications, complete a broader analysis, and more easily identify the “best” article for their curation, sharing, or publishing needs.

“These improvements are a good indication of what we believe is of paramount importance to our users; That they will no longer have to spend valuable time sifting through similar articles about the same story over and over again,” said Vanessa Cahill, Manzama’s Senior UX designer. “We believe that this new technology represents a transformational change in the way that professionals will be able to locate important stories, and understand the magnitude and scope of those stories in much less time.”


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